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  • Should NFL hold its draft before free agency?
    The question was posed during Thursday night’s NBA draft in the form of a Twitter poll, and NFL fans who are typically reluctant to change embraced the idea by a 12-point margin: Hold the NFL draft before NFL free agency. Basketball and hockey both do it. Perhaps the NFL should, too. For veteran players, the…
  • Mark Cuban hopes to emulate Jerry Jones
    Two of the highest-profile American sports owners run their teams in Texas, where everything that’s bigger includes the egos of business moguls. But there seems to be no negativity between Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Cuban recently expressed excitement and praise for Jones, as he prepares to enter the…
  • Dede Westbrook has clear goals to achieve “at the beginning of the season”
    While he stopped short of reprising the Randy Moss vow to “rip up” the NFL, fellow Biletnikoff Award winner Dede Westbrook seems to have a plan for his rookie year. And he apparently plans to put it in motion quickly. “[W]e all know what I’m capable of,” Westbrook said at an autograph session in Oklahoma,…