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A group of volunteers is planning to head to Texas Friday to assist with disaster relief and are seeking donations to take with them. 

Karl Koenigs says they don’t need clothing, but there is a long list of items they do need…

Koenigs has a complete list on his Facebook page.  (See list below)

Donations can be dropped off at a semi-trailer parked at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Marinette Avenue today and Thursday.

They are also looking for volunteers to go to Texas for at least a couple of weeks.The local volunteers will be meeting up with other groups

You can contact Koenigs at 715-801-0098.

According to boots on the ground, we do not need very many clothes. We need:

> water, 
> medicine (especially for children), 
> we need fuel
> Diesel 
> Gasoline
> First Aid, 
> toiletries 
> FLAT BOTTOM BOAT, engine and a good anchor for use in swift currents
> Personal Flotation Devices, 
> UNICELLULAR PLASTIC throw-able LIFE RING BUOY type IV PFD with light reflective material/tape and water resistant line, 
> Towels, washcloths, 
> soup, 
> bedding supplies and/or lite sleeping bags and small pillows
> blankets
> cots
> generators
> rain gear, 
> 12 amp or heavier power cords, 
> electric and/or gas generators, 
> electric and/or gas water pumps, 
> rope, 
> tarps, 
> sun and rain foldout canopies, 
> 2@55 gallon drums or a 100+ gallon tank for diesel fuel and electric or manual hand pump that fits it. 
> Diapers are urgent. A few even adult diapers. 
> Baby Formula
> Baby Food 
> Non-perishable food, canned foods, MREs, Freeze Dried Foods, etc...
> Tripod Electric Lights
> First responder gear and equipment
> Survival gear
> Spare batteries
> Lanterns Electric or Propane 
> Think of things you would desperately and urgently need if your family were suddenly flooded out. Clothes just are not on the top of the priority list.

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