Did you know that the oldest written account of Bigfoot was recorded by the well-known explorer Leif Erickson in 986 A.D.?

bigfootPhoto Courtesy of The Hyden AdventureStories of hairy monsters, skunk apes, and medieval Wildman have been circling the globe since 500 B.C. ...which includes stories of sightings in Marinette and Menominee County in 19-79 and 20-15. Craig Sulk of the Hyden adventure is a co-host of the bigfoot convention being held this weekend and he says they’ll have scientific facts that bigfoot does exists.

Saulk says a paranormal investigator will also be speaking.

For those who are interested or skeptical that Sasquatch exists and would like to see the factual evidence...the first annual Bigfoot Convention is being held this Saturday, June 10th at the Little Nugget Golf Course in Wallace beginning at 9am.

Listen to Newscast here

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