Citizens for Menominee County Law Enforcement ask for November 7th YES vote

Coming up on November 7th, Citizens for Menominee County Law Enforcement are asking you to go to the polls and vote Yes for the Menominee County Sheriff’s Emergency Response / 24-hour Patrol millage. If passed, the first tax bill would be sent out in December 2018. The millage is a renewal and continuance of the road millage due to expire this year. If approved, the millage will be earmarked for the vital Road Patrol services provided by the Menominee County Sheriff’s office, which includes emergency response, road patrol, medical first response, drug enforcement, school resources, criminal investigations, emergency resaponse to automobile accidents, search & rescue, assistance at fire scenes, security checks of private & business property and numerous other services to all Menominee County citizens. The millage rate continuation is $1.795 per thousand of taxable value, an example is with a taxable valuation of $40,000.00 the cost would be $72 dollars per year on your tax bill. If NOT passed, keep in mind road patrol operations are funded from this millage, and all law enforcement services of the Menominee Sheriff’s office would stop, including the School Resource Officer who covers all county and city schools. The millage also pays for city & county Drug enforcement teams, K9 drug searches in school districts, and deputy patrols of of 1,120 miles of county roads to enforce traffic laws and dunk driver arrests. Again the request from Citizens for Menominee County Law Enforcement is to vote YES on November 7th.

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