In the News with Ken Conners

Menominee CountyReorganizing the Menominee County Courthouse. Menominee County recently purchased a neighboring building at 1000 9th Street to help address the growing space needs at the courthouse. Now, the county has approved moving some of the courthouse offices over to that new building. At this week’s county board meeting, Commissioner John Nelson stated he was adamantly opposed to moving the Veterans’ Service Office to the new building. Commissioner William Cech did not want to move the County Administrator’s Office out of the courthouse just so the Veteran’s Service Office could stay. In the end, it was decided the Veteran’s Service Office would remain in the Menominee County Courthouse, and there was no action yet on the potential move for the Administrator’s Office. The Probation/Parole Officers and Sheriff’s Investigators will be the first to move to the newly-purchased building, while the Equalization Department, and Juvenile Probation Officer will relocate within the courthouse.