Contractors learn about the bidding process for the new Community Sports & Events Center

Marinette Sports and Event Center
A contractors meeting is held for Marinette’s new Community Sports and Events Center.

Wednesday afternoon Marinette Mayor, Steve Genisot, Scherrer Construction Manager, Mike Murphy, and Sommerville Associates the architects of the new sports and events center held a meeting at Marinette City Hall for contractors to ask questions about the bidding process and what they can expect during the aggressive timeline. Construction Manager, Mike Murphy, says they are not bidding on the project, they are strictly the oversite for the project.

Murphy also says all bids will be sealed and bids must be filled out on a bid form as they are not allowing for bids on miscellaneous pieces of paper. Ground breaking for the over 114,000 square foot building is expected sometime in April with the project being completed in December.

Listen yesterdays contractors for the Community Sports and Events Center and learn about the bidding process  

If you or your business is looking to donate towards the center just follow the link provided to learn more Community Sports and Events Center Information

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